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'The highest form of pure thought is in mathematics' - Plato

Maths is the key to understanding the world. It is important in day to day life (wage slips, tax, best value deals in a shop) and beyond that in further studies and most careers.

At Tewkesbury School we place great emphasis on learning and practicing skills in number, algebra, statistics and shape & measure, but more importantly in “Functional Skills”: this develops students’ abilities to work in groups or alone to solve problems.

Problem solving is a skill which is used in many subject areas, and develops students’ resilience (what to do when you are stuck) and the realisation that effort WILL improve intelligence. The more you exercise your brain, the better you get!

In class a student will work alone or in a group to solve problems, use software in our computer suite, and visualise shapes and algebra using graphical calculators. We use a variety of resources to cater for different learning styles. We assess progress informally using mini-whiteboards, quizzes and quick tests. At the end of each half term we give a test, and encourage students to improve independently using online software.

We offer enrichment opportunities through visits, Maths challenges and our Formula One car racing club.

All staff teach to GCSE level, and many teach A-Level as well (both Mathematics and Further Mathematics): we have a continuing programme of development of teaching at A-level. We support STEP and Oxford entrance for the most able. Our teachers have a wide range of educational and industrial/business experience to draw on.

Mrs V Whiting:  Director of Mathematics

Mrs L Burton: Mathematics

Mr O Hamilton: Mathematics

Mr S Minnear: Mathematics

Mr M Naylor:  Mathematics

Mrs R Newton:  Mathematics

Mr J Sansom: Mathematics 

Miss E Stout: Mathematics

Mrs P Towers: Mathematics

Mrs J Turner: Mathematics

Mr C Walsh: Mathematics, Lead Teacher - Teaching & Learning

Mr G Watson: Headteacher, Mathematics 

Mrs C Whitehead:  Mathematics, Lead Teacher - Enrichment & Ethos