'It's all in the mind'. - George Harrison

The purpose of psychology is to give us a completely different perspective on the things we know best.

Psychology is concerned with all aspects of behaviour and with the thoughts, feelings and motivations underlying their behaviours. Psychologists are interested in what makes people tick and how this understanding can help solve major problems in society.

By studying psychology students will gain a better understanding of human behaviour, thoughts, feelings and motivations. Students will learn about people and their behaviours.

Year 13 A level students can access some useful FREE revision resouces and e-books here

Training as a psychologist can lead to a variety of careers such as clinical psychologist, forensic psychologist and educational psychologist to name a few. Studying psychology is useful in many careers including marketing, management, health, sports and education.

Students will consider:

  • Why do people do what others tell them to?
  • How does personality affect what we do?
  • Why do we become stressed and how can we treat it?
  • How do we study addictive behaviour?
  • How can you measure abnormal behaviour?

Students should be prepared to discuss as a class and in smaller groups about people and behaviours

Ms T Gascoine: Head of Psychology

Miss L Johnson: Teacher of Psychology, Director of Sixth Form