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'When faced with a steam-rolling technology, you either become part of the technology or part of the road!' -  Nigel Willits

Try to imagine a world without computers. There would be no PCs or laptops, no email, no phone texts, no online shopping, no Facebook, no computer games.  There would be no internet or phone system. There would be no modern cars, trains or aircraft: as computers control how they work and control the safety devices on them. There would be empty shops: all their stock is computer-controlled. There would be very few items in shops as many are made by robots, which themselves are computers.

Computer science teaches you how to use computers to make the world work as it does. You will learn how to make a computer do jobs for you.

You will learn how to use programs to do jobs for you as well as  what goes on inside a computer. You will develop problem solving skills that will help you design computer programs by writing code. You will learn the commands that make up a computer language and how you can put these together to solve real life problems.

You will get involved in a wide range of activities which will make the most of your creative skills. You might be mixing some music to create your own MP3 files, enhancing a digital photograph or designing the rules of your own computer game, which you then make! We often create graphics or animations which can be used on websites. We use industry standard software, so you will be ready to make use of your skills when you enter the world of work.

Please view the curriculum intent section for an overview of the curriculum for each year group.

Mr P Doherty: Head of ICT Department

Mr A Forbes:  ICT, Data Manager

Mr T Lakin:  ICT