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Health & Social Care

 ‘A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination.’ - Nelson Mandela

All professions in health and social care require both intelligence and a great deal of compassion and kindness.  It is the combination of these attributes that ensures that health and social care practitioners are able to meet the needs of those for whom they provide care.

Studying Health and Social Care will enable students to develop their understanding of care principles that underpin care across health, social care and educational sectors.  Students will also learn about the importance of holistic care and development for babies, children and young people, elderly, vulnerable patients and service users.

Pupils are supported throughout their academic study of Health and Social Care and also through practical work experience.  In Year 10, pupils carry out 2 weeks of work experience in a care setting as an integral part of their course.  This work experience helps with their application of health and social care. 

At A level, students also benefit from talks by health and social care practitioners and through attendance at a health and social care conference at Gloucestershire University.  Students are encouraged to gain practical experience of working with different client groups depending on their career aspirations, which can include nursing, midwifery, paramedic, teaching etc.

Ms R. Jeynes Head of Health and Social Care