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'Geography explains the past, illuminates the present and prepares us for the future.  What could be more important than that?' – Michael Palin, President of the Royal Geographical Society.

The study of geography increase students’ awareness of the world in which they live. It encourages them to question and research into key issues and processes changing and shaping the world. A range of skills are developed including decision making, presentation, analysis and evaluation of information using a variety of different communication skills.

A wide range of different activities are utilised in the study of geography both within and outside the classroom. Using maps; making models; enquiring into local issues such as flooding; fieldwork around the school site as well as field work visits to the Forest of Dean and to the Natural History Museum and a residential field work visit complement and extend the learning of students covering a variety of different aspects of both physical and human geography, locally, nationally and globally.

Mrs F Woodman: Head of Geography 

Mrs T Donnelly: Humanities Lead TA

Mrs C Hood: Geography

Mrs L Rasdall: Geography

Mrs M Shoesmith: Geography

Mrs R Wager: Geography