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‘The more we know about the language the more chance we shall have of success, whether we are advertisers, politicians, priests, journalists, doctors, lawyers--or just ordinary people at home, trying to understand and be understood.’ -  David Crystal.

We study the English language because it’s fascinating, it’s beautiful, it’s useful, and it’s fun.

There are three main areas of study: reading, writing,  and speaking and listening.

Students will experience both fiction and non-fiction texts. They will learn to use language for specific purposes and to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. They will become familiar with the ways in which writers use language to create specific effects  for the reader.

Students will read widely and experiment with their own writing. They will give presentations, create role plays and enter into discussions and debates. There will be theatre trips and visits by authors, poets and drama groups.

Miss K Harris: Director of English and Performing Arts

Mrs K Fellowes: Second in Faculty and KS3 Co-ordinator (maternity leave)

Mr T Buckle: English and Media Studies

Mrs C Brownhill: Lead TA for English

Miss G Gillingham: English, Acting Second in English

Miss E Gray: English

Mr R Haines: Head of Media Studies. English

Miss E Harris: English

Mrs A Hill: English

Mrs C Jones:  English

Mrs M King: English

Miss Lilly Mackay: English and Drama

Miss E May: English (Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator) and Literacy Co-ordinator 

Mr N Selman: English (Key Stage 5 Co-ordinator) and Drama