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‘Drama is life with the dull bits left out’. -  Alfred Hitchcock.

Drama is a highly creative, collaborative subject where you explore themes and issues in a practical and imaginative way. It is an expressive art form that will allow you to develop transferrable skills, such as team work, confidence, public speech and empathy, which will make you extremely attractive to future employers.

You will learn how to use a variety of theatre techniques and styles in order to shape and present your work. You will hone your skills as an actor, designer and director to create exciting pieces of theatre. You will have to opportunity to attend a variety of workshops and watch inspirational theatre performances in order to shape your own work.

In Drama, we foster the qualities of empathy and thoughtfulness. We want students to develop their ability to speak in front of others and share ideas. We want to develop students who can proactively share and develop ideas.

We want students to be able to confidently express their views in an environment that encourages openness and equality.

Successful students in Drama are students who are students who are willing to take risks through their thoughts and their practical and technical/design exploration.

Students need to be able to challenge themselves to sustain interesting characterisation through the controlled and creative use of facial expression, gesture and movement.

Through drama students explore different practitioners and styles of ‘big thinkers’ in Drama from Y7 upwards.  Students develop an understanding of all of the differing roles within theatre that bring a show to life. Students are given opportunities to explore lighting; sound; costume; hair and make-up design and puppetry as a way of being assessed.

Students develop a thorough understanding of the importance of rehearsal process, rather than end of term/unit performances. Drama students also develop a range of skills including, the ability to experiment, the ability to develop ideas and the ability to evaluate. 

Please see the Drama curriculum overviews for each Key Stage below.


Mrs C. Roberts Head of Drama and Theatre Studies

Mr N Selman Drama and Theatre Studies, English

Technician: Ms L. Ply