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'Art and Design is not just a subject you learn, but an activity you can practice: with your hands, your eyes, your whole personality' - Quentin Blake

As Albert Einstein said:- imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress - giving birth to evolution!

Art explores your imagination and is fun!

Art allows you to explore your own ideas using a wide range of media, to include printmaking, painting, sculpture, photography and video art/animation. It looks at the world around you reaching out to everyone and to be a part of that creative environment is exciting. Art develops outlets that cannot be found in other subjects. One in five new jobs in the UK are in the creative industry, it is a rapidly growing job market.

Through the study of Art at Tewkesbury School you will find yourself: working with visiting artists on a regular basis experiencing Art from the real world; visiting national galleries with workshops; taking part in life class at A level. We have a highly developed printmaking workshop that sets us apart from many schools in the county and has been commended by the examination boards at both GCSE and A level. We explore a wide range of traditional and non-traditional methods of working that build upon your own interests and help to gain access to further studies in the creative industry.

Please see the Art curriculum overviews for each Key Stage below.


Miss J Bentley: Head of Art and Design

Mrs L Dutton: Art and Design

Technician: Ms L Ply