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It was a privilege today to be part of Tewkesbury School's annual Remembrance Day event. It hasn't been held on this scale since before the pandemic so it was with pride that the whole school community gathered, joined by the Sea Cadets, Army Cadets, Air Cadets, Boys' Brigade and Guides.


Special mention must go to Jon Knight who played the last post and Reveille at 11am and Head Student, Dan, who recited We Will Remember Them. 


After the silence the Cadets paraded along the Ashchurch Road to a small gathering which was held at the memorial tree that commemorates the sad loss of Matthew Stuart, a former student serving on HMS Argonaut during the Falklands conflict.  In this 40th year since his death we were honoured to be joined by Matthew’s mother Janet and sister Alison.  Head student Carys laid our wreath at his tree alongside his mother's and sister's wreath.


Mrs Stuart paid tribute to Tewkesbury School for the steadfast remembrance of her son and to those members of the cadets who performed their duties with confidence and great respect.  Matthew's tree is the family's living memorial, changing with the seasons and is admired by all.  It gives meaning to his life and that he lived.  Though his name is carved on many memorial walls, this tree for them marks his place.


You would be humbled and immensely proud of the children and young people of Tewkesbury as all 1300 of them, plus colleagues, observed the ceremony in respectful silence.  Our freedom as a country has been reinforced and secured over the years as a result of the sacrifice of many young service men and women.

Today we remember them.


Kathleen McGillycuddy