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This week as part of National Parliament week, our Student Parliament along with Mr Sansom and Ms McGillycuddy, had the opportunity to meet with Laurence Robertson, MP for Tewkesbury. 


The students heard a brief description of his job role and what he does to improve and enhance Tewkesbury. Students then spent 30 minutes asking the MP questions of their choice.  The students did an excellent job of representing the school and asked a variety of thought provoking questions ranging from the cost of living crisis to the arrangements for the new shopping facilities near to school and how this would affect the flow of traffic within Tewkesbury.  Students were also interested in asking our MP about how the Government would be supporting schools with energy bills.

The MP was very impressed with the knowledge that our students had on current affairs.  We hope that he will be able to visit the school to discuss some of the questions raised around education and students look forward to further engaging with our MP at a later date.