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Coronavirus parent/carer update 18 March 15:45hrs

Dear Parents/Carers

Coronavirus update – 18 March 15:45hrs

I’m pleased to say that today has been a more settled day in school with the usual learning taking place, students and staff working well together and fewer ‘casualties’.

Whilst no decision has yet been made by the Government, it is looking increasingly likely that schools in England will shortly close in the same way as those in other parts of the UK.

It is critical, therefore, that your child makes arrangements to take home with them all their property since they may now be at home for a lengthy period of time.  If they have exercise books, textbooks, PE kit or personal belongings in their lockers then they only have a limited amount of time to get those back home.  Do please encourage them to collect those items in the next couple of days.

Separate arrangements will be made for those students in Year 10 and Year 12 who are not currently with us.  Students/parents in that situation will be notified separately.  If you have specific queries related to the coronavirus outbreak then the main point of contact is my personal assistant, Mrs L Woodward (  Mrs Woodward may not have an immediate answer but will be able to signpost you in the right direction or get someone to contact you.

Teachers will endeavour to contact your children on a regular basis using the ClassCharts platform to help continue their learning and relieve some of the inevitable boredom.  Where possible, they have been advised to do this on days where they would normally see your child.   Clearly, work in some practical subjects like music, art, drama and PE is more likely to be limited.  Subjects like Design Technology and Science, too, will not be able to enliven learning with design and make projects or experiments.

For those of you with children with additional needs, do please anticipate contact from teaching assistants who will want to maintain an ongoing relationship during this difficult period.  Specific queries for those with additional learning needs can be addressed to Mr Collins, our SENDCO (

Many students are familiar with the vast range of educational websites that can be accessed to help stimulate their learning.  A separate communication will point you towards useful websites.

Whilst teachers can set the work, they cannot guarantee completion of that work so your support with this would be much appreciated.   Please do understand that most of our teachers are parents themselves and, they too, will be caring for their own children, supporting their continuing education and possibly supporting relatives too.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your forbearance and support.

With very best wishes

Mr G M Watson