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School to receive £1.7 million - funding success!

I am pleased to share the fantastic news that Tewkesbury School is now set to refurbish one of our oldest buildings, the English block, formerly Elmbury Secondary School for Girls', built in the 1960s.

In December 2018, Martin Thomas, Director of Business Management made a bid for funding from the Government’s Condition Improvement Fund and shortly before the Easter break, I was informed that our bid was successful in securing a £1.7 million grant.   I am indebted to Martin for his work on this and other successful previous bids which are continuing to make a massive difference to the learning environment for your children.

This is a very significant bid success, one of the largest in the country, and helps us to further build on recent improvements to our infrastructure.  As a school we have also committed £179,000 from our budget to this project.

This grant will enable us to continue with our long term development plan to upgrade and refurbish the facilities at the school, allowing us to make much needed improvements to benefit all of our young people and the wider community.  The improvements to the learning environment in the English teaching spaces will complement recent improvements in our Maths and Design and Technology blocks, the recently installed tennis courts and upgraded toilet facilities for students in K Central.

The funding provides an opportunity for us to address some key infrastructure issues with the fabric of the building. We also plan to relocate the Library to the ground floor and co-locate with English, for obvious learning benefits. Ground floor access to the Library is something we have wished for in order to improve disabled access and to open up another modern space which will be available to the community for out of hours sessions.

The building works will enable further development of our toilet facilities for students, with the chance to address a collapsed sewer.  It will also see the creation of a new visitor entrance to the school to enhance safeguarding so that all visitors will have to go through Reception to access the site.  

The work on E Block is likely to start during May half term and will take approximately one year to complete. 

This is an incredibly exciting development for Tewkesbury School and will provide major benefits to our young people - your children.

I look forward to keeping families updated on the progress of the work over the coming year.

Mr G M Watson