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Support our School by joining our SCHOOL LOTTERY Fundraising initiative.

Congratulations to our recent school lottery winners who have won weekly cash prizes ranging from £55 to £65. We'd like to thank all lottery supporters for your continuing support.



Our School lottery has been organised as a fundraising activity. It's a fantastic way to bring parents, teachers and the wider community together in partnership with our school and at the same time give something back.


40% of the funds raised will come directly to Tewkesbury School and we will use the funds we raise to reward, support and enrich the education of our students and future students.


Each week one of our lucky supporters is guaranteed to WIN a cash prize. The £1 ticket will also be entered into the National draw for a chance to win £25,000.


To sign up to join our weekly lottery, click the image below. As an extra joining incentive this month, all new supporters will be entered into a draw to win one of five £50 Virgin Gift Experiences.


Thank you for your consideration and good luck!