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Going for Gold!

As we reach the end of 2017 we reflect on the successes and achievements of our Award participants this year.  I wish to congratulate the following participants who have completed their Duke of Edinburgh Awards in the past 12 months.


Matthew Bashford, Daniel Brittain, Eloise Castle, Caitlin Finch, Amy Gardiner, Maisie Huck, Megan Keightley, Erin Mills, Jasmine Morgan, Jed Nicholls, Jazmine Parrott, Damon Quemby, Gemma Randford, Olivia Stewart, Evie Stewart–Davis, Jimmy Tyler and Katie Webster.


Nicole Gunston, Alexander Teague and Megan Winstone.


Lauren Ball, Katie Essex, Sophie Essex and Laura Rowe.

Awards Ceremony Evening - May 2017

Each year in May we celebrate the success of our participants with families invited to attend presentation held at the school.  We were delighted to have Mr Anthony Stockman, a Rotarian who is an avid skier, racing enthusiast and helicopter pilot as our guest speaker.  He talked to the participants about seizing life’s opportunities and then presented participants with their certificates.   Andrew Phillips from Year 13 was presented with the ‘David Tustin Memorial Trophy’ for his services to the unit.

Silver Expedition Assessment – July 2017

Having completed all of their training in the previous 12 months, two groups of Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award participants set off for their three-day expedition on Exmoor.   On Day 1 the girls’ group found walking up the river bed easier than battling the tussocks of moorland grass, though then had to cope with wet boots and blisters for the rest of the expedition.  The boys descended the very steep but impressive valley of the rocks.  The boys found a purse and a poorly bird that were presented to the staff to deal with; thanks boys!  Well done to both groups who found the step up from Bronze to Silver a real challenge. However, with excellent team work, good navigational and camping skills, both groups successfully completed this section of their Award.  Well done!

Mrs Tustin

D of E Award Co-ordinator