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Santa’s helpers are on the ‘nice list’

Earlier in the year we were approached by the Tewkesbury Christmas Lights Committee to ask if our students would like to assist Father Christmas this year at the Tewkesbury Christmas Lights switch-on held in November. We were of course very pleased to help! 

Praise goes to Bryn Meads-Jones, Jessica Dash, Lauren Doyle, Hayden Everitt and Charles Cornell from Year 11 and Grace Baker and Jessamy Morris from Year 7 who all gave up their time to be the Christmas elves and fairies.  

It was a cold afternoon but they seemed to be oblivious to the falling temperatures and did a marvellous job of helping Santa and talking to families with young children. The Christmas Lights Committee were all delighted with the effort the students went to with their costumes and make-up.   Santa was very pleased that he was able to meet all of the children this year due to the help he received from our students, who were a credit to the school. 

Juliet Sirrell

Community Co-ordinator