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Let's double the love at our non-uniform Day!

An enthusiastic group of Sixth Formers are leading the whole school in a fundraising venture that will see the school’s contribution to Mary’s Meals doubled this December.

The ‘Double the Love’ initiative launched recently by Mary’s Meals is encouraging supporters to raise and donate all that they can in the knowledge that three generous yet unidentified Mary’s Meals’ donors will double all donations paid in during December.  In responding to this initiative, the school will have its final non-uniform day of the year on 13th December to support Mary’s Meals.  Sixth Formers are also organising cake sales and further monies will be raised through face-painting on the non-uniform day.

Mary’s Meals is an international charity that provides a meal in a place of education for the world’s poorest children.  It currently provides meals in fifteen countries and reaches approximately 1, 230,000 children who would otherwise be chronically hungry because of famine, war and disease.  Meals are served to children in the most basic of schools including makeshift huts in Malawi, Liberia and Ethiopia, refugee camps for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon and to children from the slums and streets of Haiti and India.  The aims of Mary’s Meals are to reduce chronic hunger and to use education as a means of reducing poverty in the world’s most disadvantaged countries.  In addition to a free school meal, children are cared for and do not have to scavenge for food which reduces their risk of exploitation.

Mary’s Meals success as a charity tackling hunger and poverty stems from love and generosity of ordinary people.  It started when two brothers asked for donations to help with the Bosnian conflict in 1992 and 25 years later Mary’s Meals served its billionth free meal to a hungry child in India. 

Tewkesbury School took part in the charity’s Backpack appeal in 2015 when pupils donated essential school items and toiletries for poor children.  This resulted in 100 completed backpacks being sent to school children in Malawi and a further 35 being completed for Malawian infants.  In 2016, year 7 pupils supported Mary’s Meals on Porridge Day and donated over £100 to the charity.  With this Double the Love incentive, please support your child to support Mary’s Meals on 13th December.  Non-uniform monies and monies from cake sales and face painting will be life-changing for children who are hungry and in need.  Please give your child some money on the day so they can contribute to this charitable venture.

The cost of feeding a poor child for a whole year is £13.90.  For further information on Mary’s Meals please check out its website or its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Share the love this Christmas and a child will benefit all year long.

Happy Christmas.

Ms Claire Conn