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Autumn Term Governor Praise - Student Awards

Student Awards for the Governors’ Praise Panel – 20 October 2017

The Governor Awards recognise the outstanding accomplishments of our students.  On Friday 20 October, the following students were invited to meet Governors Mrs Sue Maizonnier, Mrs Deborah Hannam and Mr Steve Hawkins to be presented with their awards and certificates.

Evie Stewart-Davis – Year 11, Elgar.

Young Netball Leader of the Year for Gloucestershire. Evie is nominated for her leadership and volunteering commitments. 

Kelan Davies - Year 13, Keller.

Kelan was nominated by is Psychology teacher who has commented on his enthusiasm and that he is a pleasure to teach. He also helps to run the LGBT Social Group and supports the younger members of this group. He also acts as classroom support in the lower Year PSHE classes. 

Samuel Kelly – Year 13, Bronte

Sam achieved a gold award in the Intermediate Biology Olympiad; the school's first gold. He was in the top 5% of the students who took the exam.

Michael McLintock - Year 11, Elgar.

Mikey has been nominated for his excellent effort and attitude at all times over his four years at the school.  Mikey is the ideal student and is a perfect role model for others.

Matthew Alonso – Year 13, Priestley.

The Year 12 Enterprise Group nominated Matthew to receive this award.   Whizz Milkshakes has been a great success.  The business secured a pitch at the Malvern Three Counties Show in June, selling more than 600 shakes over the three days.  Matt has been instrumental in driving the enterprise forward, always the first to arrive and last to leave on trading events.  He secured important contracts for marketing from Packwood Printers, Transport from RED and catering equipment from Christine Attwood.  He was keen to support his peers in functions outside his responsibility as Marketing Director (for example drawing up work Rotas for HR, purchasing stock for Operations, helping finance on the cash management systems).  This enthusiasm to muck in and get things done has ensured a successful enterprise and raised £500 which was donated towards our campaign for new school DT equipment.

Megan Brookes – Year 10, Brunel

Megan recently won her class as the Horse of the Year Show; this is an amazing achievement.

Isabel Beckett – Year 13, Elgar

Isabel Beckett was nominated due to her active participation in the diabetic social group in school over the last two years. She has shared her experiences with the group and advised the younger students.