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New Year 7 - start of term reminders

Dear Parents/Carers

We hope that your child is looking forward to their first day at Tewkesbury School tomorrow.  Here are a few useful reminders to help you prepare for tomorrow:

On the first day of term at Tewkesbury School students in Year 7 will be the only year group in school and will follow an induction timetable.  This is to help them settle in before the other students return.  They will need to wear school uniform and arrive at school by 8.35am and should report to the central tennis courts and line up in their house group.  School Photos for all Year 7 children will be taken during the afternoon and proof cards to order photos will follow in a few weeks.  Please can I ask that students bring with them their ‘Moving up to Tewkesbury School Student Handbook’ as it contains lots of useful information to help them in their first few days.

All students were issued with an A4 size yellow exercise book which is their Y7 exercise book that was started at the end of Y6. These will have been collected from the local Tewkesbury primary schools, but if you are joining us from a primary school that is further away, please be sure to bring this yellow book with you on Tuesday.

There is no need to send any PE kit or swimming kit with your child on their first day.   Year 7 girls will need PE kit for their lesson on a Thursday during P3/4 this week.  Boys will need kit for their lesson on a Tuesday P1/2 next week. The first timetabled PE lessons are also spent explaining what happens in PE. 

For the first day only our Catering Team at Alliance in Partnership will be providing a free hot meal for all Y7 children.  The menu will be: pasta bolognese, garlic bread and salad or vegetable quiche with potato wedges and salad.  For dessert there is lemon mousse or raspberry and coconut slice.   If your child would prefer not to have this meal, please ensure they bring a packed lunch.  They will also need food/snacks for morning break and enough to drink for the day (there are water fountains available).

You may also like to send in cash for your child to credit their cashless catering card.   Tewkesbury School lanyards and cashless catering cards will be issued in the morning along with a copy of their timetable; students will need to bring the lanyard and cashless catering card to school every day as this is used to buy food from the canteen and for printing.    The cards can be credited by students either using the cash top up stations located in the canteens or by parents using the online facility.   Please contact our finance office if you have not received your child’s unique log in number to use the online facility.  Further details about the school catering and online payments can be found at

Details about SMHW (Show My Homework) will also be issued during the day which will have your child’s online homework platform pin and the parents’ pin too. We will help the children to login during the day.

The school day will end at 3.25pm.  Please ensure that your child knows their arrangements with friends and family about meeting places and how they will make their way home from school.  A reminder for parents that are new to the school that we finish at 2.30pm on Fridays.

I look forward to seeing the children again tomorrow and hope that they all enjoy the first day.   If you should have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the school.