Priestley Badge- Mr MarshallPriestley House is a community within a community.  One in which Individuals strive to be the best they can. Each student endeavours to succeed at the tasks set in front of them.  We take pride in our loyalty, inspiration and respect.  We are not only a House but a team, who together achieve more.  We get our inspiration from the old Polar explorers, where team work will always help you to reach your goal.

Raymond was born in 1886 and educated at Tewkesbury Grammar School.  In 1907 Raymond, whilst a geology student at Bristol University applied, to join Shackletons expedition to the South Pole.  A year later he was recruited by Captain Scott to take part in the 1910-1913 expedition.  The party split up and Scott and four companions failed to reach the pole and died.  Priestley and five companions could have lost their lives when the expedition ship failed to pick them up, as it was cut off by ice.

They survived the long, dark and extremely cold Antarctic winter in a snow house, equipped only with tents summer clothing and four weeks rations.  They combated boredom by reading aloud and singing remembered songs.  Priestley was grateful that he had remembered the hymns he had learnt at Tewkesbury Methodist Church.  Their return home in May 1913 was greeted by a thanksgiving peal of bells from Tewkesbury Abbey.  During the First World War Priestley served as an officer in a Signals company of the Royal Engineers and won the Military Cross in 1918.

Each time you go into the Humanities Block, look up, Priestley’s sledge is suspended from the ceiling.  This was used on the ill-fated Scott Expedition in 1911 and went as far as the Beardmore Glacier.  It was brought back to Britain on the Terra Nova the expeditions supply ship.                              

Newcombe  Kathrynne

Mrs Kathrynne Newcombe is the Head of Priestley House.