Hodgkin House- Mrs Dutton

In 1971 Dorothy Hodgkin came to Tewkesbury and we are very proud to say that she opened our school.

All of the students in Hodgkin house are members of the Hodgkin community.  They  take pride in their house and school and take care to treat others with respect.  They are all individuals but when they  work together they are part of a fantastic team.  Hodgkin have been the very proud winners of the sports cup and house cup several times and love to make the most of every opportunity.

They are a modest but caring house and aim to look after each other.  They are determined to do well and be the best they can be by living life to the full.

Dorothy Hodgkin was a famous and inspiring scientist, who completed some ground- breaking scientific work.  She determined the molecular structures of penicillin, vitamin B12, and insulin, as well as countless other crystalline structures, through X-ray analysis. Her work with insulin has led to great medical advances in the treatment of diabetes.

In 1964 Dr. Hodgkin was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.  Dr. Hodgkin was only the third woman to ever win the Nobel Prize in chemistry throughout the 63 year history of the award.

Laura Dutton

As well as all these achievements Dorothy Hodgkin remained a modest, kind and caring person who worked tirelessly for  the good of humanity.  She believed in scientists working together across the globe to try and achieve world peace and a better life for everyone.

Dr. Hodgkin travelled extensively and touched every possible corner of the world throughout her life, despite her lifelong struggles with rheumatoid arthritis that did not respond to treatment.  This eventually crippled her hands and feet, but despite this she continued to travel and participate in her causes until the very end.

Laura Dutton is the Head of Hodgkin House.