Elgar Badge- Paul WarrenThe aim of Elgar House is to support all members of the house to learn, develop, aspire and grow into young individuals with a goal, a sense of determination and a keen awareness of the needs of others.  The ethos of Elgar House reflects the unique talent, creativity and drive of Sir Edward Elgar.

Paul WarrenWe strive in our daily lives to mirror his attitude to life. Elgar House is first and foremost a family and every pupil and staff member is a crucial part of the Elgar family.  With our outstanding team of staff, we work together to take part in challenges, develop confidence and grow as individuals.  It is vital to remember that every individual is responsible to themselves, each other, and our wider community – understanding this is our core goal. Elgar House strives to develop a greater awareness of the needs of others.

We aspire to one common goal; ensuring that all members of Elgar House have the opportunity to reach their full potential before they leave Tewkesbury School.

Sir Edward Elgar was born on 2nd June 1857 in Broadheath, near Worcester where his father had a music shop.  Elgar is probably best known for the five Pomp and Circumstance Marches, composed between 1901 and 1930.  Shortly after this, he wrote the melody for 'Land of Hope and Glory' to mark the coronation of King Edward VII.  This work was immensely popular and is now considered an unofficial national anthem.  He died in 1934, and the house in Lower Broadheath where Elgar was born is now the Elgar Birthplace Museum.  

Paul Warren is the Head of Elgar House