GaryGary Watson - Headteacher

I have been fortunate, since being inspired by a junior school teacher, to know that a career in education was to be my route through working life.  Whilst working with young people and classroom teaching remain my passion, it has become clear over my 30 years in secondary schools that as a Headteacher you have the potential to impact not just on the lives of classes of young people but on whole communities.  That capacity comes from the opportunity to work with and through other very talented and committed professionals, students, parents, governors and the broader community.  I continue to be driven by that desire to impact on the lives of young people and their communities to improve their life chances.  There is so much to be proud of at Tewkesbury School but so much more we can do. Raising aspirations and further challenging all our students and all those associated with the school will be central over the coming years to continue to raise standards still further.  The responsibility on my shoulders is significant but the rewards infinitely greater when witnessing the achievements of our young people in so many different arenas.


Adams Rhys

Rhys Adams - Deputy Head

I am delighted to be working at Tewkesbury school as Deputy Head Curriculum and Standards. This is my third position in senior leadership and my second Deputy Head position.  I am passionate about school leadership and ensuring that all students receive a high quality education without exception and are fully equipped with the skills and high level qualifications needed to be successful throughout their adult life.  My main responsibilities at Tewkesbury are to ensure that all young people receive outstanding teaching and learning through the delivery of a high quality broad and balanced curriculum which insists on nothing less than excellent progress and outstanding outcomes. We want all students at Tewkesbury school to gain the very best examination results possible but to also develop and refine the skills necessary to secure the very best jobs and prospects in the future and to be able to give back to the local and wider community.

I am looking forward to meeting with and working with as many parents and community partners as possible and I am also looking forward to celebrating the many successes of our young people in years to come, both as part of our academic programme but also through our many extra-curricular opportunities.

On a personal note, I relish being a parent, keeping fit, playing football and also listening to a wide range of music.  


Clare de Glanville - Deputy Head

As Careers Lead, I oversee provision of our excellent Careers Curriculum which spans all year groups and includes advice and coaching meetings, information sessions, classroom talks and visits to places of work, higher and further education settings.

The Student Parliament is another or my responsibilities and I am proud of our student ministers who are keen to put themselves forward to make changes in the school and wider community through their work via The Ministry of Teaching and Learning, The Ministry of Justice and Wellbeing, The Ministry of Community and Environment and The Ministry of Business and Employment.

I am also a Spanish and French teacher and love to share with my students the thrill of language learning and the infinite opportunities that learning a foreign language can bring.

I have been at the school for a good number of years and Tewkesbury School runs through my core.  I am passionate about our students and staff and have developed excellent relationships with our families and local community to ensure that the very best can be achieved for our young people.

When I am not at work I like to spend time with my family and follow my interests of reading, music and various arts and crafts. I am always busy and never at a loose end!


Bishop David 2

David Bishop - Deputy Headteacher, (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

I have spent my entire career working in schools. 27 years in total, with 17 of those in roles as a senior leader. I wouldn't want to, and actually couldn't see myself, doing anything else. My main responsibility is for Pastoral Care - ensuring that everyone at Tewkesbury School is safe, cared for and has access to a top quality learning experience. This is to ensure that all pupils are able to do exceptionally well and achieve what they need to reach the next step in their education, or in life. But it's also about more than that. School should build memories for young people. A bank of positive experiences pupils can look a back on and remember, long after they have left. At Tewkesbury School we focus on developing the whole person through a breadth of experience and access to as many opportunities as possible. 
My teaching background is in Physical Education. My own experience in school helped shape this and my passion for sport has never gone away. As a Worcester Warriors fan it has been stretched mighty thin over the years, but it has never gone away. I believe all students should have the opportunity to take part in activities in school that will spark a passion in them, be that sport, art, music, dance, drama, science, travel and languages or something else that will develop that student as a life-long learner. School leadership affords you the privilege to make that difference to young people and that is one of the main reasons I love the role. 
Outside of school I now watch rugby, whereas I used to play. Cycling has replaced rugby as my activity of choice, as well as the odd triathlon. As for Worcester - there's always next week.

Vivienne Whiting - Assistant Head, Raising Attainment

Whilst working in industry (for 20 years), I started volunteering with teenagers and suddenly discovered my true vocation. I joined the teaching profession and Tewkesbury School as I hit my forties and have never looked back!

Firstly as a maths teacher, then careers lead, Director of Mathematics and now, as Assistant Headteacher, I’ve had the privilege of working with our school community to improve the life chances of all.


I am immensely proud of our students, parents and staff; the school community is dedicated to ensuring the holistic education of all our students, preparing them for their next steps in life and equipping them with skills for the 21st century.


I have numerous areas of interest; developing financial literacy, supporting those who struggle with a wide variety of barriers to learning and developing a school wide programme of enriching extra curricular activities.


As a parent of secondary aged children myself, I understand all too well the challenges facing both families and students. I look forward to working with our wider school community to raise aspirations and further develop the opportunities for all the young people in our care.


Thomas Martin 2

Martin Thomas - Director of Business Management 

My responsibilities at the school are to ensure the strategic business management of the school and its day-to-day effectiveness and efficiency. This includes all aspects of Finance, HR, Student Services, eServices, Site management, Health and Safety and Capital Development.

School improvement requires significant investment of resources and my role of Director of Business Management plays a key part in ensuring that any strategic decision-making in school is informed by consideration of efficiency, effectiveness and value for money. These decisions need to ensure our investments are all worthwhile and to ensure we make effective use of the resources we are given in order to achieve the most we can in terms of our students outcomes.

Prior to working at Tewkesbury School I was a Director and Divisional Director in two change consultancies providing transformational change expertise to organisations across the UK to facilitate and support them in reviews of their services to show continuous improvement in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Outside of school I carry out rugby coaching with U13s,U14s and U15s at Gloucester and at Tewkesbury.