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Chromebook Digital Learning Programme

Student Chromebook - Designing the Future Classroom

In our drive to continually improve outcomes for students, we are working in partnership with the Birmingham e-Learning Foundation and Albion Computers to offer parents the opportunity to acquire a portable Chromebook for their child(ren) to use in school, as well as for learning at home.

We believe that all students accessing their own devices to support their learning in and out of the classroom will further enhance their progress, allowing personalised access to a wealth of creative content, resources and tools.

The use of Chromebooks in the classroom is continually evolving and we are keen to ensure that students leave school with the ability to use technology in an academic and professional way, as well as a resource for leisure and communication.

The scheme enables you to acquire a Chromebook for your child via monthly contributions that includes insurance at a considerable saving on the recommended retail price of a Chromebook.  At the end of the payment scheme the Chromebook is yours. 

Monthly contributions are collected by the Birmingham e-learning Foundation, a charity that uses gift aid collected via the scheme to cover administration costs with any excess being awarded back to the school to help the sustainability of the scheme.

The Chromebook Bundle:

  • 11.6” ruggedised ASUS Chromebook C204 11.6″ HD / Cel-N4020-touchscreen / UMA / 4GB / 32GB
  • Management Licence - The school will be managing these devices for students
  • Accidental damage and theft insurance, zero excess - over the term of the donations

Full details are available on our portal. This allows you to sign up and gives parents full and comprehensive information on the scheme, product, costs and cover. Please view the Frequently Asked Questions and a parent information video can be viewed here.

In the event that an insurance claim is required, devices that are part of this scheme, come with Accidental Damage and Theft cover for the full length of the scheme. Accidental Damage covers for instance, if the device is dropped in school or at home, and the screen is cracked as a result, the device can be returned and repaired. When accidents occur, please email chromebooksupport@tewkesburyschool.org and they will assist in the claims process.

If you would like to speak to someone in more detail about any aspect of the scheme then please email office @tewkesburyschool.org and someone will be in touch very soon.