Curriculum Intent by Year group

We have been working really hard at Tewkesbury School to ensure that we have a broad, balanced, relevant and well planned curriculum that is clear about what we intend students to know understand and be able to do each half term in each subject across all year groups.

We feel that it may be of interest and of benefit to share our curriculum intent more formally with parents/carers each half term so that they can be more informed about their child's learning and can support this at home.

As a school, we have been using knowledge organisers with students for some time now to support low stakes quizzing and to share with them the core knowledge that they must commit to memory for each half term.  Lots of schools are using these and they aim to aid retention of information by using them for low stakes quizzing, little and often, so that things stick in their long-term memory and then by definition so students have learnt them.

We hope that by sharing these, parents/carers will be able to further support their child’s learning at home through quizzing them on core knowledge in all their subjects in order to help make these things stick. 

This could be done by simply asking your child a series of questions which relates to aspects of a knowledge organiser each evening or week.  Alternatively, parents/carers could support children by ensuring that they have quiet time at home in order to test themselves by looking, covering and then being able to either say things back or write things out from memory. 

I also hope that by sharing more information in the coming weeks and months with parents/carers about the things your child is studying at Tewkesbury School, we can further strengthen the home school partnership and help your child to make more progress.

Please visit the relevant year group page to view the knowledge organisers and curriculum maps. 

If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact me at school or via email. 

Rhys Adams
Deputy Head