Contacting Us

We believe that students are likely to get the most from their education when there is a strong sense of partnership between home and school.  This partnership must be based on good communications and we would encourage you to contact the school whenever you feel this is necessary.  

Whilst there are set dates in the school calendar for you to come into school to meet your child’s teachers, there will also be instances outside of these times when you may need to contact an individual member of staff or a department within the school; this is to be encouraged.

Who to contact:

With almost 150 members of staff at the Academy, sometimes it is difficult to know who to contact.

Heads of Year

Year 7 - Edward Fair
Year 8 - Zoe Pugh
Year 9 - Geraint James
Year 10 - Kathrynne Nelmes
Year 11 - Thomas.Pilkington
Year 12 - Paul Warren
Year 13 - Rachael Morris

If your query relates to a non-academic issue, we ask that you contact your child’s tutor, who is the first point of contact regarding any pastoral issues. Your child’s tutor will be able to liaise with your child’s Head of House or other pastoral staff, if this is necessary.

If your query relates to an academic issue, we ask that you contact your child’s subject teacher in the first instance who will be able to liaise with the Head of Department for that subject if this is necessary.  It may be appropriate on certain occasions to contact the Head of Department first, rather than the teacher directly, however, this will not normally be the case.

If you do not know the name of your child’s teacher and would prefer not to ask your child, please look at their timetable on ClassCharts or call Reception or email who will be happy to help.

If your query relates to attendance/absence/appointments: please notify the Attendance Officer directly on 01684 851806 or

If you are bringing your child into school late or collecting them to attend an appointment, you should report directly to the reception so that your child can sign in late. 

If your query relates to a payment for a trip/visit/cashless catering card/ParentPay account/uniform or stationery items please contact the Finance Office on 01684 851801 or

How to contact us:


Main switchboard - 01684 292152. The Reception/Switchboard opening times are 08:00-16:00 Monday to Thursday 08:00-15:30 Friday.

Please be aware that if your query is not a ‘general’ query and the Receptionist is unable to help, an email message with your contact information will be forwarded to the appropriate member of staff.   We endeavour to respond to all queries within 2 working days during term time.


If you choose to email staff, staff email addresses can be obtained from Reception or by emailing We ask that you only send the email directly to one person, although in some cases you may wish to copy (cc) another member(s) of staff for information, so that they are aware of your contact.

Typically, emails will be responded to within 2 working days during term time.  If you have a query that will take longer than this to respond fully to, you will receive an acknowledgement within 2 working days and then a fuller response in due course. This response time may be slightly longer if the query is directed to part-time staff.

Staff emails are not monitored outside of school hours, however, some members of staff may choose to respond to emails outside of their working school day.  This is actively discouraged in order to promote a healthy work/life balance for our staff.

Meetings in person:

There are times when you may prefer to have a conversation in person with a member of staff.  If this is the case, please use one of the above forms of communication to request a meeting at a mutually convenient time. 

Individual staff are unlikely to be available to deal personally with an issue if parents arrive at school without an agreed appointment.

On extremely rare occasions staff are faced with abusive, aggressive and unreasonable conduct.  As in many organisations, behaviour of this nature will not be tolerated either face to face or over the telephone.

Reception/Switchboard times:  08:00-16:00 Monday to Thursday 08:00-15:30 Friday.   All visitors should report to Reception and sign in as they arrive on site.

Bringing items into school for your child:

Items such as forgotten PE kits, lunch boxes, money, etc. can be left for your child at the Visitor Reception.


In the case of an urgent message needing to be relayed to your child or a member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team, please telephone the main School Reception as above.