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Our school is held in increasingly high esteem in the town and county, even recognised nationally as one of the most improved schools in the South West and we want these accolades to be reflected in the appearance of all of the students.  We want Tewkesbury School students to look smart and feel proud of their school.  Uniform standards have risen over the past four years with the introduction of clip on ties, embroidered blazers and embroidered summer shirts, skirts and girls' trousers. mprovements.

There are several options for girls skirts and trousers to allow flexibility in style and cut.  We have tried to offer a choice of items to ensure that our girls are comfortable in their uniform.  We have also tried hard to get a balance between selecting skirts and trousers that are not only affordable, but hardwearing - thus providing value for money.  Each new item is between £11 and £20 depending on the size. 

SKIRT OPTION 1: Navy pencil skirt with back split and official Tewkesbury School logo embroidered on the hip. This skirt is an update of the straight style that has been on our uniform list for a number of years. It gives a nice silhouette and combined with the blazer gives a “suit” look to the uniform.

SKIRT OPTION 2:  Navy pleated skirt with official Tewkesbury School logo embroidered on the hip. This skirt is a fuller skirt that sits on the hip.  It would be a good choice for girls who like a looser fit or who cycle to school but want to wear a skirt.

LENGTH:  The key with both of these styles is to buy a size that not only fits at the waist, but is also the right length.  We strongly recommend that your child tries the skirt on before you buy.  The hem of the skirt must touch the knee.    It is essential that a skirt is purchased that is in proportion to the girl’s height and our uniform shops will give instructions and guidance when you visit their stores.    If in doubt, kneel up – the hem should brush the floor.  Please do not allow your daughter to wear a skirt that is shorter than this to school. 

NAVY TROUSER OPTIONS FOR GIRLS:  Trousers fit so differently on different body shapes that we have decided to identify two cuts of trousers as Tewkesbury School trousers.  One is a slim leg, straight cut and the other is a looser fit.  Both are navy blue and made from good quality material with a bit of give in it, that won’t bobble.  These are also embroidered with the logo on the left hip.

Boys can wear either smart dark grey or black trousers, NO skinny-leg styles will be permitted. 

NAVY JUMPER WITH EMBROIDERED SCHOOL LOGO will be the only school jumper that boys and girls may wear if they want an optional layer.

Where can we buy the uniform?  The logoed items can ONLY be purchased from one of the following three suppliers: School Togs, Monkhouse Schoolwear and School Trends (online supplier).  School Togs and Monkhouse Schoolwear are city centre shops who can offer advice about sizing in store.   They will ask to check that skirts are an appropriate length and can easily order items that are not in stock.  They have an online service as well.   School Trends is an online supplier. Prices of all three suppliers are broadly similar and throughout the year each supplier has special offers to ease the financial outlay of purchasing uniform.    

We are sure that parents will appreciate that having firmer boundaries and greater clarity is fairer for all and hope that you can see that the introduction of our logoed uniform items is another step in raising standards at our school.  If you should have any queries about uniform, please contact Ms de Glanville, Assistant Head at the school. 

The full list of uniform can be viewed below as well as prices, discounts and offers from each of the suppliers.


We have great pleasure in running our online nearly new uniform shop.  Please click HERE to view the live inventory of items in stock.  

If you wish to purchase or reserve an item, please call the school office on 01684 292152 or email office@tewkesburyschool.org

The school will reserve an item for 7 days to give you the opportunity to view the goods prior to purchasing. Alternatively you can simply ask to buy the item.  All goods are  supported by an honest condition comment.

Can you please help us?

To make this a success we will be dependent on the generosity of parents and carers donating their children’s uniforms when they have finished with them. All funds raised go straight to our various fundraising projects and therefore benefit all the children in the school.  Donations of uniform and PE kit can be left in Student Services, in school hours, all year round.


·        Students can pay cash via the finance office

·        Parents can pay online.  If you wish to pay online your child’s account will be set up within 24 hours.

Goods will be released at Student Reception on receipt of payment.

A list of stationery items and other equipment is listed below.

Thank you for supporting the school.