Safeguarding - information for parents

Please find below links to a selection of documents that may be useful for parents and carers. If you would like to see our young carers policy or the anti-bullying policy, please email  The Safegaurding Children Policy can be found on the Documents and Policies page.

In addtion, Parents / Carers may find some of the links below a useful source for specific information. - New guide for parents who are copying with their child's selfharm - Understanding how your teen communicates with others online - Making the internet work for families - Guidance on alcohol use - Free service providing expert, up-to-date content on a wide range of topics including online safety, family life, sex and relationships. Unfortunately, more children are resorting to self-harm as a response to the pressures of growing up.  With 60% of parents reporting they feel uncomfortable discussing self-harm with their children, thousands of children could be suffering in silence.  To help parents there is a completely free online course that provides information on how to sensitively talk to your children about self-harm and tactics for increasing mental resilience.