Work Experience

All Year 12 students carry out a week of work experience from Monday 15 to Friday 19 January 2018. 

Students are asked to find own placements and the school will then make sure a health and safety check has been done. 


Step 1: Please feel free to find your own placement we have a list we can search through for you if needed.

In the future you will also find details of work experience placements, apprenticeships or full time/part time employment via our new Kinetic Website. This is the way forward for employers and students at Tewkesbury School, so please log on and register to search for opportunities. 

Step 2: Student to print off the work experience form (below). This is optional, but doing so will help you to obtain the information required when you contact a business to secure a placement. Collating this information will help you to submit your online Work Experience Form.  

Step 3: Once you have secured a placement you need to advise the school by clicking on the following link to the Year 12 Work Experience Form . Please note that you should use your school email address and that all fields are to be completed or you will not be able to submit the form. Paper forms will no longer be accepted. 

The information you submit online will allow Tewkesbury School to carry out the necessary Health and Safety check with the placement using the information provided by yourself.

The Sixth Form team will be notified of secured/approved placements.