Timings of the day

The normal school day will begin at 8:40am and will end at 3:25pm.  A bell signals the start and end of registration and lesson periods.  A warning bell will ring at 8.35am to give students time to make their way to their tutor bases for morning registration. The security gates at both entrances to the school will lock at 8.40am; please ensure that your child has enough time to travel to school.

Once the gates are closed, children arriving late will need to access the school via the visitor reception, followed by signing-in with the attendance officer at the Student Reception. 

If children need to leave during the day, they should sign-out at the Student Reception and then exit the school site via the Main Visitor Reception at E block.  Parents collecting children should park in the car park and inform the Receptionist of who is being collected.  At the end of the day, the entrance gates will open at 3.00pm (2.00pm on a Friday).

At lunch, a warning bell will ring at 1.30pm to give students time to make their way to their class for afternoon registration.

The timings for the school day are as follows:

Monday to Thursday

Registration 8.40am - 9.00am
Period 1 9.00am - 9.55am
Period 2 9.55am - 10.50am
Break 10.50am - 11.05am
Period 3 11.05am - 12.00pm
Period 4 12.00pm - 12.55pm
Lunch 12.55pm - 1.35pm
Period 5 1.35pm - 2.30pm
Period 6 2.30pm - 3.25pm

On Friday, school finishes at 2.30pm, which is at the end of Period 5.