Vote for Us: M&S Energy Fund

Please help us continue to provide first-class sports amenities to our students and the community, reduce our carbon footprint and enable savings so we can further improve our sports facilities. 

Tewkesbury School is a co-educational secondary academy with 1405 pupils which operates a Sports Centre. This enables members of the community to access our facilities and encourage participation in varying activities. Our indoor facilities include a sports hall, gym, fitness suite, dance studio and a swimming pool.

We also have great links with all the local primary schools who benefit when they come to the school to visit for different activities that are hosted at Tewkesbury School.

Why are we doing it?

Every school has budget constraints and as a school we continually look at various ways to gain funding to ensure our estate is as energy efficient as possible.  It is becoming increasingly harder to fund projects whilst maintaining affordable prices for the community.

In the last two years we have installed a 50kw Photovoltaic (Solar) Energy system on the sports hall roof and replaced lighting in both our dance and fitness studios, reducing our costs to enable more funds to be spent on providing the best facilities possible to the community and our students.

Our Sports Centre has been able to maintain pricing at competitive rates due to increased efficiency and our main challenges is ensuring that our overheads are being balanced with the income received from the pricing.

Our campaign:

The installation of energy efficient lighting will help maintain and possibly reduce the costs associated with using our facilities. This will assist in increasing the number of users and driving up participation rates in the different activities. 

Tewkesbury School is a safe community and many clubs use our indoor facilities such as: swimming clubs, Brownies, martial arts, fitness classes, table tennis and badminton.  We also provide an affordable venue for birthday parties and holiday courses, allowing many in the community to undertake different activities and experiences that would not normally be available to them.