Sir George Dowty Trust Fund

Sir George Dowty Trust - Funding available to students

This Trust was set up on 1st March 1972 by Tewkesbury Chamber of Commerce to recognise the great service of Sir George Dowty in promoting industry in the Tewkesbury area.

The income from the Trust is available to the Governors of the School who at their discretion may make awards annually to provide grants to present and past students of Tewkesbury School to enable them to undertake a planned course of training with the object of developing their ability and character. 

It is not a requirement that this training should be academic or confined to the United Kingdom.  No grant is to be made where the cost of the training can be met by public funds but the Governors, at their discretion, can supplement grants where it is desirable or necessary.

If you are involved in an activity or pursuit outside of school and feel that you can benefit from the support of this trust, then you should submit an application in writing, to Mr Smith, Assistant Headteacher on behalf of the Governors’ Student Welfare Committee at the school.


L W Buchanan