At Tewkesbury School, we offer career guidance that supports our students from ages fifteen to eighteen.

We value the importance of good impartial careers advice and employ the services of an external advisor, Ronnie Graham, who has over eighteen years’ experience in the field of careers and education.  He offers advice and guidance on a range of qualifications such as GCSE’s, A- Levels and BTEC Diplomas.  Advice is on apprenticeships and post- 16 options, as well as discussing university and employment is also available. The program offers extensive advice and guidance on the future of each student.

Knowing what to do next, whether it is University, Sixth Form, college or an apprenticeship is central to our careers programme.  All Year 11 including students in the Sixth Form have the opportunity for a one-to-one careers interview with Mr Graham, our careers advisor. Students in other years can also make an appointment via the Student Centre.

Links with businesses, especially in the Tewkesbury area, play a key part in our careers education programme. We have numerous industry links which have culminated in many of our students securing apprenticeships. When employers visit the school, we are always pleased to see how passionate they are when speaking.

Careers companion (see the link) has been introduced to allow both parents and students to discover many different careers using the latest information available. The website is constantly updated by impartial career advisors and the school. The site includes local vacancies and will be updated as vacancies come into school. Remember, this site is also for parents looking to change careers.

Visit our careers and PSHE resource website   Careers Companion

We value the importance of future goals and aspirations and tailor our program to make sure each student has an idea of their future direction once they have left Tewkesbury School. Appointments to see Mr Graham can be made at the Student Centre. 

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